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The Fifth Element

I always enjoy John Marks' columns. This one was particularly fascinating however. I was unaware that anyone had ever figured out what temperment Bach used. Great stuff!

Having worked on harpsichords I can't imagine tuning one in 15 minutes, regardless of temperment. Wow.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: The Fifth Element

John always comes up with some amazing information. Always worth a re-read.

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Re: The Fifth Element

That was absolutely a fantastic article.

You know, most articles are enjoyable, but every once in a while, an article like this one comes along and shakes the earth so resoundingly, that if affects my whole relationship to this hobby.

Mr. Marks' article was that good. I learned music theory, I had a great history experience, and he changed how I listen to that piece of music - forever.

How do you thank somebody sufficiently for an article like that?

And then, it's not the first time he's done that!

In the last year, Mr. Marks' has been the Roger Federer of Hi Fi column writers.

Thanks again. I'm saving that article; and even using it as dinner conversation with non-audiophiles!


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