The Fifth Element #19 Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: Wow! John Marks' review leaves little to comment upon.

One customer told us his NHB-108 Model One was an "emotional amplifier," meaning it extended his emotions. I think John experienced something similar. The more you read what he wrote, the more you understand how much John liked the machine.

The NHB-108 Model One high-speed power amplifier is the first high-end audio gear we have brought to market, concretizing all those past years of research into what we were looking for. The companion preamplifier and the integrated amplifier will follow soon. They benefit from the experience of the NHB-108. To keep informed, please visit our website.

Thanks to both Johns, Marks and Atkinson, for having introduced darTZeel audio products to Stereophile's pages!—Hervé Delétraz