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A few very good software :)

Just wanted you guys to know about 2-3 quite nice database you could use if you have a lot of music or movie software in any format.
The first is "dvd register". use it to cataloque all your dvd , vhs and laserdisc software. You pay a yearly subscription and once-per-month , you download a list of titles,so,all you have to do is type the barcode and everything else is added automatically in the database. Problem is,personally,i find it a bit difficult if you wish to add something manually.
The second one is "keep track". that is for your music collection and you can get it from "Acoustic Sounds" webside.This is a totally "manual" software.
lately,i got 2 programs,one for music and the other for movies.These 2 i find much better than others but again,it is my personal opinion.
here's the web sides so you can download demo versions :
"music collector" and "movie collector" at
"dvd register" at
"Keep track" at
Have fun

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