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Feedback on Acoustic Zen Power Cords ?

I'm thinking about upgrading the stock power cords on my amp (Cayin A-50T, 16 wpc tube amp) and my CD player (SA-8001). I've read good things about the Acoustic Zen "EL Nino" power cord.
Any feedback on this cord or the Tsunami?
Any other suggestions in the $200 range?

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Re: Feedback on Acoustic Zen Power Cords ?

I have Transparen Power Link Plus cords on my Transport, DAC, Preamp, Power amp, and my power conditioner. They made the same amount of difference as a full component upgrade for less money. I'm quite happy with them. Right now I think they retail for around $250. The follow is my thoughts on them that I'm copying and pasting from my blog.

The breaking in of power cords seems to occur much faster than interconnects and speaker cable. Perhaps a major contributing factor is that I leave all the components in the system on at all times. Out of the box with zero break-in they edged out the stock cords. After about three hours the difference was more audible than that. After a number of days of beak in it began to sound as if there was a bottle neck in the sound of my system. The obvious culprit was the new power cords. Quickly a theory emerged that the power cords on the amp and power conditioner must be breaking in faster than the cords used on the other components because they had so much more electricity flowing through them. So I removed those two cords and switched them with the cords on the DAC and Transport. The system

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