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Jim Tavegia
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Feed Your head Music Used LPs

Just came back from Feed Your Head Records, a used LP store off Morland, inside the I-285 perimeter, south of I-20 just past the Zoo in Atlanta. Met a nice gentleman, Tom Osborne, the owner for the first time after conversing off the Hoffman Forum. Needed something to feed my 3 turntables for the holidays. spent 3 leisurly hours listening to some vinyl feed off a Grado Sonata.

Purchases: Grand Funk Railrod Greatest Hits ('75) pristine condition 34 years old and sounds great; Harry Chapin, Short Stories(you probably know him from Cat In The Cradle), 1973; and finally Julie London, Julie Is Her Name, mono pressing 1955, great sound just like she is standing in front of me. Very cool. John Marks can eat is heart out over the Julie London find. All for $21.00 .

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Re: Feed Your head Music Used LPs

Well, I envy you the London. It was worth the $21 by its lonesome.

Apropos of nothing, the missus has my Christmas wish - the new Mosaic Bing Crosby collection, which looks pretty wonderful.


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