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FAvorite Concerts of 2005

Ok, ok, I know this is probably getting old but let's give it a swing. Let's make it fun and any genre is open to election.

Allison Krauss and Union Station- Beacon Theater

Elvis Costello and the Impostors-Beacon Theater

Antony and the Johnsons- Carnegie Hall

The Decemberists- Webster Hall

The New Pornographers- Maxwell

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Re: FAvorite Concerts of 2005

I love this idea!

I tend to merge years, so apologies if any were from 2004.

White Stripes at The Joynt here in Las Vegas.

Los Lobos doing a "neighborhood party" in a grass amphitheatre at our county building with all Spanish language songs.

Shawn Colvin in the same place.

I think this year was also The Subdudes there.

Flogging Molly at the House of Blues here.

John Prine in the same place.

Surprisingly, Don Henley at Buffalo Bill's Wild West resort.

A punk band called Numchuck in some bar in Telluride.

Bruce Cockburn at McAbe's guitar shop in L.A. and also his show at The Coach House in San Juan capistrano.

Social Distortion at the House of Blues - again in Las Vegas. (We don't have very many venues.)

Sonny Fortune and his band at a dive jazz bar in the Alladin hotel.

Moby at The Joynt.

Maybe my surprise of the year: Buck 65 at the Joynt. If Tom Waits and Beck had a love child, it would be this guy.

I could yack all not, so me stop now.

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Re: FAvorite Concerts of 2005

Lucinda Williams at The Gypsy Tea Room - played 3 hours for about 200 of us.

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Re: FAvorite Concerts of 2005

I know it's lame but I'm 58 years old (see other thread on aging males with small children) and the biggest thrill I had this year was taking my 12-year old to see the Stones at Giants Stadium. His first rock concert and here's his first capsule review: These guys are better than AC/DC!

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