Fanfare FT-1 FM tuner Specifications

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Description: FM stereo tuner with analog tuning and full-function remote control. Usable sensitivity: 10.5dBf/mono, 11.5dBf/stereo. 50dB quieting sensitivity 15.0dBf mono; 35.0dBf stereo. Capture ratio: 1.5dB. Selectivity: 55dB/wide, 75dB/narrow. Adjacent-channel selectivity: 10dB/wide, 25dB/narrow. Tuning range: 87.5-108.5MHz in 50kHz steps. S/N ratio: 75dB (A-weighted). THD: 0.15% mono, 0.30% stereo. Stereo separation (1kHz): 50dB. AM suppression: -70dB. SCA suppression: -70dB. Power consumption: 25W.
Dimensions: 19" W by 3.5" H by 10.25" D. Weight: 15 lbs.
Serial number of unit tested: 1002.
Price: $1195 (1994); $1595 (2001). Approximate number of dealers: 20.
Manufacturer: Fanfare Electronics, Ltd., P.O. Box 455, Buffalo, NY 14225-0455. Tel: (800) 26-TUNER, (716) 683-5451. Fax: (716) 683-5421. Web:

P.O. Box 455
Buffalo, NY 14225-0455
(800) 26-TUNER

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I use FM Broadcast transmitter sometimes while i get bored to listen to the music. But Mostly,FM in my city is used during Christmas.