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Exposure 2010s

Hey I was just wondering if anyone owns or has spent time listening to the Exposure 2010s. If so, what are your feelings about it and what speakers/components are you using with it?

I am considering purchasing it to use with my Monitor Audio RS6 speakers. Obviously I will audition before I buy, but I just wanted to hear how others felt about it.

Thanks, DC

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Re: Exposure 2010s

I own the Exposure 2010S, and I use it with the matching 2010S CD player, Rega P3-24 turntable, Totem Arro loudspeakers, and Furutech cables.

I love the amplifier. It sort of reminds me of the Ayre AX-7e, with its combination of clarity and tunefulness and grip on the music. I suppose it lacks the compelling texture and the seductive, liquid overall sound of the best tube amps I've heard, but I'm always happy to listen to my Exposure.

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