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steve kelsey
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Eximius anyone

Hi,this is the first time I have posted on this site but I am a long term reader of Stereophile.
I was wondering if anyone has tried the Eximius software which upsamples CD to higher resolution on a PC. I am interested in experimenting so if no one else has done this yet I'll take the plunge and report back.

If you have tried this software it would be good to hear your comments.



My system in brief. AMD PC with a gig of ram, E-MU sound card which I use to give an eq'd output to my electrostatics and also direct to subwoofers. Amplification is Mosfet or tube depending on mood.I have a Card Deluxe as well. I find sound cards are like cartridges are with records,its fun to own a few and experiment with the sound.

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Re: Eximius anyone

Eximius seems to offer a program that takes a CD and applies some sort of DSP effect before saving it to a DVD in a compressed format (probably MP3). This seems like a waste of time if you are interested in improving the sound of CDs.

If you are open to the idea of ripping a CD on your computer to music files and then using the PC as a playback device, I highly recommend trying Foobar2000, which offers equalization, resampling (and bit-depth changes), and many interesting DSP effects. It is free, plays just about every music format known (I recommend FLAC), and is highly customizable.

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