Evolution Acoustics Exact Maestoso Loudspeaker and Cabling, Dartzeel NHB Stereo Amp and Preamp, Wave Kinetics NVS turntable, Merging NADAC, Durand Tonearm

See that weird looking thing? It’s the outboard crossover to end all outboard crossovers, and it belongs to the relatively slim Evolution Acoustics Exact Series Maestoso 3-way loudspeaker system ($18,900). Heading an impressive and hardly bargain system from Blue Light Audio of Portland, Oregon, and The Audio Association of Anaheim Hills, the Maestoso made one of its first show appearances since I covered its debut at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest—was it three years ago?

I don’t recall what recording was playing when I entered the room, but piano tonalities were just wonderful. Highs were a touch bright on Leonard Bernstein’s recording of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, but the soundstage was huge and airy. “Really fun imaging,” I scribbled while listening to a DSD file of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead performing “Friend of the Devil.”

Also heard: Evolution Acoustics cabling, darTZeel NHB-108 Model Two Stereo Amplifier ($44,000) and NHB-18NS MK II preamplifier with integrated reference phono stage ($44,000); Wave Kinetics NVS Direct Drive turntable ($45,000) with W8 record weight ($700, A10-U8R Vibration Control System, and 2NS Loudspeaker Interface System ($1600/set of 8), plus Durand Tosca Tonearm ($15,000) and Ortofon Anna Cartridge; and Merging Technologies NADAC D/A Converter ($10,000), Power upgraded power supply ($7000), and U-Clock ($36,000).

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is gonna soak up a LOT of amp power. Much more impressed with simple crossovers (musically speaking), though this one certainly looks pretty cool. I get w/ 9 drivers they can't do a simple x-over, but dang.

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... the "easiest way to understand how our crossover works is to imagine straight wire from the loudspeaker binding posts directly to the drivers themselves".
In what universe does that crossover come anywhere close to resembling a "straight wire"?

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They may be using some sort of series crossover, but I've never seen one so um, carefully thought out.

Hahahah. :)


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Is that 'Optimus Prime' from Transformers? :-) .........