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Even Repubs won't vote for the Lirpa budget!


But House Democrats easily defeated Republican alternatives and won backing for their budget from all segments of their party, from conservative Blue Dogs to urban liberals. The 233-to-196 vote, though hardly overwhelming, actually reflected a strong show of Democratic support for the budget, since it often barely passes. It was the first time in a dozen years that a budget had received more than 230 votes. Twenty House Democrats opposed the budget; two Senate Democrats did.

The chief Republican alternative, officially supported by the party leadership, was defeated 293 to 137, with 38 Republicans opposing it.

Given the constantly dwindling number of Repubs in the Congress and the rising number of Dems in the same body, there was a higher % of R's who voted against their own Lirpa budget than there were Dems who voted against the Obama budget plan.

Now, isn't that interesting? Even the Repubs found their plan repugnant!

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