The Estelon loudspeakers

Estelon presented its slim, 151 lb, 50"-tall, $45,000/pair, floorstanding XB loudspeaker (above). The speaker employs an 8" Accuton ceramic-dome woofer, a 6.25" Accuton ceramic-membrane midrange, and a 1" inverted ceramic-dome tweeter. Internal wiring is by Kubala-Sosna, and the crossover capacitors are Teflon-Hybrid. The loudspeaker was beautiful to see, and was playing smoothly and softly as I read about it at the exhibit.

But Estelon's Estonian-born designer Alfred Vassilkov, and his daughter, Alissa, were more concerned that I listen to a loudspeaker that won a 2015 CES "Best of Innovations" Award. The $250,000/pair, 7-foot tall, 550 lb Estelon Extreme was an all-out effort on the part of Alfred Vassilkov to create a loudspeaker that delivers state-of-the-art sound but also is remarkably beautiful in appearance.

The loudspeaker is comprised of two modules. The upper module allows the speaker's height to be remotely adjustable over five settings to to optimize the sound according to the listener's position and room acoustics. It also isolates the high, medium and mid-bass drivers from any vibrations created by the bass drivers. The loudspeaker drivers include two 10" aluminum woofers, a 10" aluminum mid-woofer, a 7" inverted ceramic-dome midrange, and a 1.5" inverted diamond-dome tweeter. Frequency range is rated at 20Hz–45kHz, and the power rating is 500W. Sensitivity is rated at 91dB/2.83V.