The curvaceous Estelon Model XA loudspeaker ($43,900/pair), which uses a trio of ceramic drivers from Accuton (11" woofer, 7" midrange and 1.2" tweeter) was paired with electronics from Edge, including NL 12.2 amplifier ($24,388) and Signature preamplifier ($14,388), and a transport Drive 2 and DAC 2 from Neodio (pricing not available). Cabling was provided by Kubala-Sosna, and a Running Springs Audio Dmitri AC Power Conditioner ($4500) conditioned the power.

The sound in this room—we listened to the Beatles in high-res—was clean and fast and my notes include the thought "Like giving the Beatles a haircut and a shave."

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These guys had a great sound going, expensive speakers but oh well...

Sounded like Edge has changed their sound sine last I heard them at CES many years ago. I like the new sound much better, still expensive but very clean and yet a bit warmer than edge has been known for. Would have really liked to have geared this with some analog, that would have been much better of course.

Still one of my favorite at the show!