Esoteric K-01 and K-03

New products from Esoteric this year include the flagship K-01 "Digital Source Device" (pictured above) available now and retailing for $22,000. The K-01 features an asynchronous USB input that Esoteric claims will handle 24bit/192kHz sources due to a proprietary software driver the company has developed.

Other features include the VRDS-NEO transport that spins both SACD and CD discs as well as dual mono DACs.

Esoteric has also released the K-03 at $13,000 which also employs the 24/192 USB input and most of the features of the K-01. While it also plays SACDs and CDs, it includes a less expensive transport design.

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Man, I hope Esoteric made my SA-50 compatible with that new USB software...