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Entry level amp for streaming

Hi, I have vintage Castle Richmond II speakers and they are labelled as 25W. My goal is to use a music streaming service and so I thought I would investigate changing my vintage Trio KA-60 amplifier (30W per channel) for something suitable - ie wifi enabled. The Trio has some issues and it's time for a change. I liked the look of the Cambridge AXA35 but it doesn't appear to have wifi capability. Everything else seems to be rated 100W or more. I have no understanding of how to match speakers to amps, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Any budget recommendations or advice on matching speakers to amplifiers?
many thx

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While you are looking into

While you are looking into new equipment, if you have an Amazon Alexa, connect the stereo output (3.5mm plug) to an input on the back of your existing amp. Then you can use the Alexa functionality to stream content (Amazon music, Spotify, Deezer, etc). If this works to your satisfaction you may delay an amp upgrade until you find exactly what you need/want.

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WiFi problem can be solved

WiFi problem can be solved ith a small plug in repeater. In the side of the repeater is (make sure) an Ethernet port... plug your streamer into this. I have a very high end system working this way and the streamer sounds as good as my high end analog rig.

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Tough call

Agree, so many amps with the tech you want will be overpowering those speakers. Your Trio is a beauty (I have a Kenwood KA-3500), but there are so many quality vintage amps out there rated anywhere from 10-30 watts that would be perfect for your speakers and produce quality sound. To stream, why not just buy something like a Bluesound Node?

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