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Jim Tavegia
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Enjoyed A Concert

Atlanta Percussion Trio

Very interesting concert my wife was kind enough to order tickets for months ago. Performed in a quaint little beautifully renovated theater seating about 1,000 in Cartersville, GA., north of Atlanta. 99% percussion instruments from all over the world. These cats could play. The leader also plays with the ASO. Very nice.

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Re: Enjoyed A Concert

Thanks for the link!

Glad you enjoyed it.

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Re: Enjoyed A Concert


Nice post. I wish more members would post reviews of concerts and music purchases since Stereophile music coverage has really down the tubes this past year or so. Although I must say that the work of Thomas Conrad in the April '07 issue seems to be a much needed shot in the arm. I only hope that it's the start of new trend and not a one time event.

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