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Empirical Audio announces The Overdrive USB DAC

We are very excited about the Overdrive DAC product. Some history first:

We were for the last 2 years engaged in the design of a complicated high-end remote-controlled DAC called the Formula One and almost had it finished, including chassis milled from a solid chunk of aluminum. Then we had an epiphany (not a religious one). We got to hear what was possible with an ultrasimple NOS DAC when fed with a low-jitter digital source. So we got converted and put the Formula One on the back-burner and started from scratch again. The result is our new Overdrive DAC, which is more affordable and better we believe.

The Overdrive USB DAC is a breakthrough audio product. It incorporates our excellent low-jitter USB interface technology and breaks new ground for D/A converter technology. The Overdrive design philosophy is

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