Emotiva Audio Airmotiv T2 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Source: Marantz UD7007 universal BD player.
Preamplification: Marantz AV8805 preamplifier-processor.
Power Amplifier: Parasound Halo A 52+.
Loudspeakers: Monitor Audio Silver 10.
Cables: Digital: Kimber Kable AGDL (coaxial). Interconnect: Cardas Hexlink. Speaker: AudioQuest Rocket 88. AC: generic.—Thomas J. Norton

Emotiva Audio Corporation
135 Southeast Parkway Court
Franklin, TN 37064
(877) 366-8324

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Kinda surprised Emotiva sent review samples of a product that's being discontinued - what's the point?

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The T1s are on closeout. The T2s are on sale but not listed in the Closeouts section.
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T1 and T2 are on closeout, T-Zero and B1 are reduced in price - https://emotiva.com/collections/airmotiv.

Stinks that they don't make active monitors any more, the Airmotiv4 (reviewed here, which helped me decide to buy a pair) are great li'l speakers.

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Please note that the T1 and the T2 are being updated with minor cosmetic revisions. They will continue in the line at the same prices with idential specifications and performance. The new versions are called the T1+ and the T2+.

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Who knows how long the review samples were in Stereophile's hands...

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Axiom05 wrote:
Who knows how long the review samples were in Stereophile's hands...

Thomas J. Norton received the review samples of this speaker at the beginning of January 2019 and submitted his review text on February 9. As far as we aware, the T2s have not been discontinued.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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OK, that is pretty fast turn around. Now we know! Thanks.

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Fascinating shift in hi fi world around use of EQ and tone controls. My Rogue Sphinx has no pre out so I can't experiment with the Schiit EQ or similar, but I think this is a good trend. Also I just bought Emotiva's (end of life) ERC 3 HDCD player. The Grateful Dead, those pioneers of live and studio sound, still release CDs using this process. Wrote them to ask why but sadly no reply.

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You can still use an external EQ and/or DSP unit between your main source and the input of your integrated amp, if the EQ/DSP unit has a bypass switch .......... dbx makes some very good quality pro EQ units under $500, available at Sweetwater :-) ...........

dbx EQ units I'm referring to are all analog :-) ..........

Schiit Loki parametric EQ unit also has a passive bypass switch :-) .........

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An ideal situation would be to have a processor loop in the pre-amp section of an integrated or a stand alone pre-amp, which can be switched in and out :-) .........

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Thanks for reviewing another reasonably priced speaker in Stereophile. The KEF product on this months cover is within the means of most households as well. Keep this up please.

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"That first Heil AMT was huge and bipolar; today's AMTs are much smaller and, typically, radiate soundwaves only to the front."

Heil's amt tweeters are Dipoles, meaning that the front wave and back wave are out of phase.

Bipolar indicates that the front and back waves are in phase with each other, and generally requires a separate driver array mounted on the rear wired in positive polarity. A good example of this would be many of past and current Definitive Technology speakers.

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A possible solution to the bass suckout in TJN's listening room is to add one or more small subwoofers in locations in the room that are more optimal for producing bass that will reach the listening position without vanishing. It's important to note the large discrepancy between TJN's measured in-room bass performance and JA's measurements. The T2 is not a speaker that shows a measured deficiency in the bass range.