Emiko Carlin Performs & Future T.H.E. Show Surprises

Blitzed as I was, there was no way I was going to miss Emiko Carlin's performance at the 7pm "T.H.E. Label & T.H.E. Radio Show Kickoff Party and Concert."

So, with the help of a glass of red wine, I sat through an electric violin performance by Abigail Shelton that was handicapped from the start by an AWOL band that left her no choice but to play over MP3 accompaniment. A true trouper, Shelton managed to smile winningly through the din and play some fine tunes. I expect she was a borderline mess inside—I've certainly been when I've been put in similar situations as a performer—but she came through in spades.

Then came the show within the show within T.H.E. Show, aka the unexpected amusing repartee between show President Maurice Jung and his wife, Senior Vice President Emiko. When it was Emiko's turn, we learned that additional T.H.E. Shows are coming to Nashville and, believe it or not, Las Vegas in 2024! (A show in Denver remains a work in progress.)

As you'll see from the link above, Emiko is a Hammond organ songwriting technician with at least 3000 songs to her credit. Her songwriting credits are as impressive as her video skills, which have also won her awards. She's currently producing another documentary, THAT Andrew Jones.

Knowing Emiko solely as an indefatigable show organizer who somehow persevered and kept T.H.E. Show going with her team while her husband underwent a bypass and partial amputation of a toe, I wasn't expecting the amount of emotion she unleashes in her songs. Nor was I expecting her fine singing voice. She's a wonderful artist—one that I hope more audiophiles will have the opportunity to experience in the future.

Thank you, Emiko, for your artistry. I remain in awe.