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Electrostatic compatible DAC

I am restoring old analog stereo equipment to which I would like to add digital capability.

I have electrostatic loudspeakers (Quad ESL-57) and headphones (Koss ESP-9). The power amp is a QUAD-303 and the preamp is a PAS-3X.

My question is: Can anyone recommend a DAC that would be compatible with this system?

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Had to look up...

...the ESL-57. Interesting read:

I can't even imagine what a DAC would sound like through them. My only experience with electrostatic is with Magnepan and Martin Logan - are they even comparable?

Kal Rubinson
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I do not understand why any

I do not understand why any high quality DAC would not be compatible.

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Any high quality DAC will

Any high quality DAC will sound like... well a high quality DAC. A cheap on will be tinny, edgy... pretty much like a similar amp. There is no incompatibility. You want to be careful not to get an old one that may put out a lot of high frequency noice... although this is more likely to come from an old music server or the noice inside a PC.

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