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In The Electric Mist

Levon Helm is just the schiznit.

He and Buddy Guy are in this movie.

It's pretty good as flicks go, part of the "spending money in New Orleans after Katrina" genre.

Actually, it's great until the last 20 minutes, when someone in charge must have said, "Hurry up and wrap this in a tidy package."

Anyway, Levon Helm is great at everything he touches and I am so glad to see him alive and well - and y'all should listen to his two new discs, which are achingly great.

Tommy Lee Jones stars, so I'm calling this one "No Bayou For Old Men," just for kicks.

(Also, "Streets of Blood" is in this recent NoLa genre, and if you watch it, it's OK. But, if you watch it, then replay the first 7 minutes or so, it becomes really quite good. Kind of Blade Runner style plot info hidden in places.)

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