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Eggleston Speakers

I am inquiring if forum members can comment on the Eggleston Ivy, Savoy, and/or Andra III speakers.

Secondly, I have not been successful locating on-line Eggleston speaker reviews. They rarely appear in any review magazine or on-line listing.

Might anyone know of some on-line reviews?

Many Thanks!

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Re: Eggleston Speakers

I heard the Savoy and Andra II (not III). I didn't find them to be all that. I thought they were a bit on the dry side. Nothing horrible, but nothing that really tickled my fancy. I didn't get up and say YES! This is a great sounding speaker!

Rather, I heard it, nodded and moved on.

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Re: Eggleston Speakers

reviews on the page, looks like

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Re: Eggleston Speakers

My review of The Nine is in the archives of

jason victor serinus

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Re: Eggleston Speakers

2-Channel,if you have the cash/room to accomodate large/expensive loudspeakers and from what i understand want to steer away from the "cliche" brands,i.e. Focal,B&W,Wilson Audio etc, there are quite a few brands out there.Just tell us what kind of sound you like other than the "closer to live music" which that is what we all want ! In a few words,what kind of tonal "flavor" are you looking for ?

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