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ECM interview

I just want to give public props to Robert Baird for his wonderful interview with Manfred Eicher. Eicher and ECM have brought me so much of the music that means the most to me. Eicher's taste in music has literaly changed my life. Great choice for an interview Robert, and well done!

Jim Tavegia
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Re: ECM interview

I fully agree and I appreciate a glimpse into the character of the owner and what drives him to do what he does. It is a great label and sonically one of my all time favorites. I doubt they have ever made a bad recording. If you want to know how good redbook can be, their work is a great example.

tom collins
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Re: ECM interview

I too will pass a compliment. When I first saw the article, it was my intent simply to glance at it as my first priority is usually the gear. However, I just kept reading. This man is totally obsessed. We are the beneficiaries of his obsession. It is hard for regular folk to understand this type of personality, but the article was written in such a way that it gave a glimpse. I thought that was excellent. Thanks.

Allen Fant
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Re: ECM interview

Outstanding interview! I would like to read more about these great individuals who truly make the 'magic' happen.

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Re: ECM interview

IMO, ECM always = great music/great recordings.

Mahalo Manfred!

Found out this one was recorded with a MH ULN-8. JA uses the

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Well, it's taken me awhile,

Well, it's taken me awhile, but I must add my kudos for the Manfred Eicher interview as well!

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