Dynaudio's new Xeo 2

The only things I am sure about in the current and future state of high-end audio are: listening to and collecting LPs has only just begun, and, listening with super-quality headphones, desktop speakers and wireless speakers has also only just begun. By "begun" I mean each of these technologies will continue to evolve exponentially in terms of how good they will sound and how many people will be listening. I think a major Audio Renaissance has already begun and I believe that Dynaudio is one of the companies leading on the charge loudspeaker front.

Dynaudio's new Xeo 2 ($1599/pair) is proof of my claim. It is beautiful, it is powered (130Wpc), it is wireless, and though it comes in black or white finish, the Danish company showed an astounding array of colors and finishes at CES to gauge interest to see what might prove popular. Most importantly, it plays music more like a "wired" speaker than any "un-wired" loudspeaker I have ever heard—even at ten times its cost! (The Xeo 2 features a direct digital input, plus a set of RCA and mini analog inputs on one speaker and sends the signal wirelessly to the mate.)

Dynaudio's Michael Manousselis played Joy Division and it made sound that was tangibly happy and awake. There was a kind of glowing wideband precision I had never experienced with Bluetooth. With an optical connection from an Auralic Aries Mini server, Mike let Nico sing Sweet Jane until I was choked up and teary eyed. Leading the charge—with no wires attached.

Dynaudio also debuted two new Dynaudio Excite series models—the compact X18 ($1799/pair) and floor-standing X44 ($5499/pair). Both are available in satin white lacquer satin black lacquer, walnut or rosewood finish.

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I had been waiting for the X18 price. It is also my understanding, by piecing things together, that the Excite X18 will be a "replacement" of sorts for the Dynaudio Focus 160. Perhaps we can learn if the X18 will get a basic crossover--it is already getting the Kapton-former woofer--or some variant of the 1st order crossover in the Dynaudio Focus 160.

I have read, through the cyber-grapevine, that the Dynaudio Focus line is going away.

If you have news on the new Amphion Argon 3s--don't know if they go to CES--please provide some. This product, in Euro pricing, despite its new passive radiator, is less than the current model in price. Of course, S&H to the US may increase this price.

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Dynaudio's Focus line currently includes the Focus 200 XD, Focus 400 XD, and Focus 200 XD. All are digital speakers capable of wired and wireless music reproduction.

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Thanks for the Dynaudio Focus information. From the information provided, that the Focus XD models represent the "line," I am inferring that the non-active Dynaudio Focus models--160, 260, 340, 380--are going away.

So this would leave the new, passive (as in bring your own amp and dac) Dynaudio product lines are as follows: Emit (replacing DM), Excite (kinda replacing Focus), Contour, Confidence and Evidence.

I was interested in a Dynaudio Focus 160. I am not interested in active/dac speakers. So, I am inferring from all here that my options are the Excite X18, the Contour 1.8 (and though I love the C1, it's not in the cards for me).

Thanks again.