Dynamic Speakers from Quad

Now distributed in the US by MoFi distribution, the venerable Quad Electroacoustics has a new non-electrostatic line, the Z series, which uses woven glass-fiber cones for the midrange and bass units, allied to a "true ribbon" tweeter. The tweeter is said to have descended from the original Corner Ribbon, which preceded the electrostatic Quad ESL-57. On static display at CES 2016 were the Z-3 ($4199/pair, left side of the ESL-2812 in the center of the photo) and the Z-4 ($4000/pair, on the right).

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I don't think Peter Walker would have liked going back to Dynamic speakers as I feel Electrostatic are superior.

I took apart some Koss electrostatic speakers made here in Milwaukee and got them to work again - they needed modification to work right. See my exploration of them here: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/koss-model-2-electrostatic-spkrs.278606/