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Dude looks like a lady, and a related sports topic...

Anyway, to the real topic...

South African athlete raises concerns that she is not an actual female, and the governing body of her sport wants an 'inspection.'

Sounds fair, but dig who they want her checked out by:

"...internal medicine specialists, gynecologists, psychologists, geneticists and endocrinologists."

OK, I can dig checking her to make sure she doesn't have male junk in her pants, so the gyno thing is fair. A urologist would do if all you care about is external genitalia. Does she also have to have an approved form of uterus or ovaries? Do her boobs have to check out?

Geneticists, they're understandable, too. Check for a Y chromosome and all.

Endocrinology, hmmm. Make sure she passes hormonal muster? What if she has lady junk and is XX genetically, but has naturally high levels of testosterone, DHEA, etc? Can a chick be disqualified for having a natural hormone pattern of ANY type? What if her estrogen is too low? Is she any less female? I can see having endocrinology help with specific questions, but not establishing one's sex/gender. This is getting dicey.

Internal medicine? What are they gonna bring to the table that the above specialists won't?

Then, the ultimate insult...psychologists to determine the sex of an athlete?

Does she have to think properly to be declared female? What on earth would a psychologist add in helping determine the biological sex of an athlete? What if she digs chicks? What if she digs guys? Who cares?

Somebody help me out here. Psychologists? No offense, maybe it's to help with her depression over being put through all the tests to see if she's a guy or not - can't really be a profoundly fulfilling experience for any girl.

Maybe they just wanna see if any of the psychologists say, "Yeah, I'd hit that," in order to make sure of her gender.

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Re: Dude looks like a lady, and a related sports topic...

This is one of those times I am so glad not to be a doctor and assigned THAT task. Ugh Ick!!!!!!

Didn't the Three Stooges ask one time, "Is there a DR. in the House"? At a Medical Convention no one would raise their hand on that one.


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