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Driving low impedances with the Musical Fidelity AMS 100 Class A Power amp

A question for John Atkinson

Further to your review of the Musical Fidelity AMS 100 back in 2011

In your view John, could the AMS 100 drive a 1 ohm load such as the Apogee Scintilla?

I take note of the lab measurements published in the magazine, but did you measure its capabilities into loads below 2 ohms?

A review published in the UK magazine HiFi News /RR March 2011 rated it at 660 watts into a 1 ohm load, but this was under dynamic conditions with 28 amps of clean (<1% THD) current over 10 msec.

I will have to dig out old reviews / measurements of the KSA50 / 100 to see what their current delivery was and to see how the KSA100 compares to the AMS 100 in this regard, and thus its suitability as a potential Scintilla driver?


Simon Briggs (darkmatter)

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