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Driving 2 low impedance Aegirs with Luxman tube preamp?

I'm looking for Class A amp(s) to drive Forte IIIs. Two of Atkinson's technical tests have me concerned through. I'm considering two Schiit Aegirs in bi-amp arrangement (not monobloc as the Luxman doesn't have the balanced outputs the Aegirs need.)

The Aegirs test as 10k ohms input impedance, which is much lower than the more standard 100k ohm or even their rated 22k ohm.

The Luxman CL-38u(C) test by Atkinson showed a LOT of roll-off for his test 600 ohm example. The Luxman does have a pair of single ended RCA outputs so driving two amps is an easy connection. He tested the "u" model and I have the later "uC" version which adds a set of balanced inputs - I assume they have similar drive characteristics. Atkinson suggested that the Luxman should drive loads to 10K ohm.

If a pre-amp drives two similar amps in parallel, doesn't the net output impedance fall to half? The preamp would in this case see 5k ohm which has me worried a bit.

Still feasible without audible roll off?

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