A Dream Come True

I received a very kind note from Owen McCafferty, who, along with Ben Meadors, hopes to travel to Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, and New York City, meeting vinyl collectors, record store owners, and other vinyl enthusiasts, to discuss why vinyl is important. The duo will document their journey and publish a book detailing their experiences.

A week ago, when we first caught up with Owen and Ben, they were about $2000 away from the funds needed to support their Kickstarter project. As of today, with 10 days left to go, they are only $500 short of their goal! Owen says we’ve been a great help toward making their dream a reality. Awesome!

I’m super psyched for these guys. I admire their creativity and determination, and I’m even sort of jealous. (Who wouldn’t want to travel across the country, visiting record shops?)

Oh well. I’ll just have to look forward to reading their book!