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Double Large Advents


I am in the process of purchasing another pair of Large Advents to go along with my 25 year old pair in mint condition for a two speaker per channel setup as described in the following article.

I'm guessing they are connected in parallel, but would each speaker need to be fused at the negative lead? Or would there be an advantage to connecting them in series? I guess I'm asking two dumb questions. 1. Do I hook them up in parallel or series? 2. How should I fuse them? I am using a 100 W RMS 8 Ohms per channel 20Hz-20KHz @ 0.05% THD receiver. Any help is much appreciated.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Double Large Advents

The + or - connector you fuse does not matter, for speakers. If I am wrong about this someone correct me. When fusing DC you do the positive, just like in your car. I think most wired them in parallel and make sure your amp is able to handle the low impendence your are about to force it to drive. I had many friends who loved this stack.

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