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Domino Records Digital Download Store!

I found this site via the new Animal Collective's LP, "Merriweather Post Pavilion," a beautiful record, btw... 2 180g LPs... anyway, the LP came with one of those coupons for digital downloads. It led me to Domino Records Digital Store, where after registering, I entered the code. Then to my surprise, they gave me a choice of downloading WAV files, not just MP3s! I am so psyched! Perfect, because I just got my new iMod and Audio Technica ESW10JPN headphones. On the way to work, I can just crank it up again... it won't be anything like the vinyl version, but what a sweet consolation, on the commute to work... I think the rest of the albums have this option, too, and they have gems by groups like The Notwist, The Kills, Josef K... I'm so in love...

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