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Dolby Atmos to amp to Dolby atmos

I have a new Sony Android TV with Sound of Dolby ATMOS out via digital/optical.

/B I NEED TO BUY A Integrated Amp/or/Receiver. /Br

That output is to be directed to Klipsch 8060 ATMOS speakers.

Till now I have felt that if the source was optical out,,,, going to an amp/preamp/receiver ,,,, Going to the Klipsch ATMOS speakers.

I only plan on using surround 2.1 so buying a seven channel receiver sounds totally overkill.

Yesterday a Audio store told me I would need an ATMOS integrated amp/receiver to maintain the ATMOS chain.

I think that last claim is BOGUS, but hey this is my first foray into employing ATMOS, so what do I know.

Please point me in the right direction --- Thanks

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