Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?

Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?
Yes, a lot!
39% (81 votes)
Yes, it sounds "mushy" on very humid days
4% (9 votes)
Yes, it's brittle on dry days
3% (6 votes)
Yes, but it's best late at night
32% (68 votes)
No, it always sounds exactly the same
22% (46 votes)
Total votes: 210

Is it the atmosphere? The power line? Your brain? Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?

Olivier Lagarde's picture

Very small variations from day to day, most probably coming from me. Quality of listening depends on my ease in concentrating on the music or not.

Mike's picture

The objective variations I experience mainly come from the power line (presence of DC, presence of frequency components other than 50Hz or 60Hz). These variations are clearly audible, but are no dealbreaker. Yes, I prefer listening at night on weekends! Subjective variations of course come from the listener's individual state at the time.

NeoN's picture

It may be the atmosphere, the power line but I strongly believe that the audible sound quality differences are made posibble by the brain.

Jason's picture

Yes, assuming "system" includes my current state (try listening after two glasses of wine, or after a heavy metal concert!), the street outside, the diswasher, the wind, the rain...I don't think the performance of the electronics and speakers changes much, if at all.

Steven B's picture

I can't put my finger on it yet, but I will.

ChrisS's picture

The LP12 and McIntosh 75 tuner (and the Genki not far behind) always sound better after about 10pm. Pacific time.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

I have to wonder how much is the system and how much is my perception of the system?

Chris's picture

Sound from my system is very consistent. The only real variance is on the days I get to play it at high volume levels. And that just adds a lot of fun dynamics and impact to the sound.

Andrea Tubaro's picture

There are some minor variations from day to day.

Jens, Copenhagen, Denmark's picture

Probably a bit of both.

obieseven's picture

Not a lot but enough to notice and I can't relate it to the weather, the power, or my mood.

danny's picture

But not so much since I added the Nordost Thor power conditioner to the system.

richtan's picture

Scientifically, there are no compelling reasons that the system's sound quality should change. The hi-fi system is the transfer medium and the listener is the subjective recipient. It is all in the mind.

Jim M's picture

It does seem to change with the humidty and temperature.

Anonymous's picture

After 10pm, the sound comes alive. Source: Electrocompaniet 1UP; Power: 300b monoblocks; Speakers: 94db 8ohm flat speakers.

Ron Ramsey's picture

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Janjuc's picture

The room temperature varies very little, so I do not have a noticeable, if any variation.

Typical Teenager's picture

It's much better when my parents are away and I crank the volume up, way up.