Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?

Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?
Yes, a lot!
39% (81 votes)
Yes, it sounds "mushy" on very humid days
4% (9 votes)
Yes, it's brittle on dry days
3% (6 votes)
Yes, but it's best late at night
32% (68 votes)
No, it always sounds exactly the same
22% (46 votes)
Total votes: 210

Is it the atmosphere? The power line? Your brain? Does your system's sound quality vary from day to day?

Dimitris Gogas's picture

Apart from the varying mood, it really must be the power line. For a nominal 220V, I've registered 201V to 233V, whith the higher voltage late at night.

mick's picture

Probably paper cones and textile domes are the reason,

pentanthropy's picture

Yes it is true. My system does perceive as to have a much larger sound stage and space between instruments/tracks seems to at least double at night. Especially during the darkest times of night. I believe it to be an auditory illusion due to the inability to see nearly as well. Your brain's auditory segment simply fills in the gaps that sight leaves unfilled in the dark. It just embellishes a bit by comparison. Also the air where I live seems cleaner at night.

Rimas's picture

I attribute this to power line and psychology,

Ed's picture

Some days it is very open and detailed. Other days it sounds compressed. Strange...

Nodaker's picture

I said it always sounds the same but I have two dedicated circuits, a PS Audio P300 on my front-end stuff and a PS Audio HC Ultimate Outlet on my amp. Doesn't matter when I listen it always sounds the long as everything is warmed up.

Lila's picture

Yes, though not every day. I believe it may have to do with one's brain and possibly the atmosphere, as I've often (not always) found others have the same impressions (that something seems different) as I have in the same listening sessions.

Mike Agee's picture

Great question! My system goes from sublime to cacophonous, sometimes day to day, but occasionally hour to hour. My girlfriend can tell how the stereo is sounding because my mood, pathetically, tracks my subjective response to the stereo. Terry Gross on 3/2/09 interviewed an author who's book discusses how our ability to analyze and make decisions is slaved to our state of mind, a book that, apparently, should be featured in installments in Stereophile's "As We See It." Both coming and going, my condition echoes these findings. Ignoring the bad days is key to battling upgrade-itis.

B.Parker's picture

Also best on a Sunday (cleaner, smoother, more natural).

mike eschman's picture

None of these categories fit my circumstance. The sound varies a bit, at no paticular time of day or weather condition, and I am convinced it is 80% mental.

ch2's picture

The furnace and water heater aren't running, the streets are quiet, just hope the refrigerator doesn't start up—it sounds spectacular!

Oliver's picture

Of course the systems sound the same every day. But my ears are depending of my mood my blood pressure and many other things.

Chris's picture

Not when its too dry, but in the evening when its cooling down it sounds better.

Double D's picture

Yes, it varies, not by huge amounts, but enough to be noticeable, some days it has as much to do with my mood as much as other influences. Those days, it's best to just go do something else.

Henrik Pilegaard's picture

I certainly believe that my perception of sound depends on my state of mind.

sam's picture

Vary from day to day? No. Vary occasionally, yes. Extremely humid days I guess, although we have air conditioning, which unlike power conditioning, is measurably more comfortable!

Pradeep's picture

I love listening to music late at night or early in the morning when its calm.

gl thiault's picture

I don't understand why it changes. I have two systems, the first all tubes and the second all SS and it seems (I'm not sure) that the first is more regular.

Glenn Bennett's picture

It's your brain, your mood, and in many cases, hearing loss due to age or other factors.

Nate J.'s picture

A glass of bourbon and a full belly will make any system sound just a little better.

Music Lover yet Hi-Fi Loony!'s picture

And sweet on high humidity days after a day or two of rain, rain, rain 'til humidity is 100%. Guess it could be the water vapor in the air slows down sound speed and enough to affect the sonic dynamic headroom? And also on the drivers—especially good light ribbons and planars? As after several dry days in our tropical island in the sun, speakers do sound brighter! And what of our ears too when saturated with water vapours as well? Please allow multiple choice selections. It's okay as anyone choosing conflicting ones will show. Then others can help with friendly and coherent explanations for one & all's knowledge and fun! Thank you for reading. Your further sharing on these is appreciated. Hi-fi just don't get it like at live concerts. Second convenient best at best!

Moebius's picture

Air's parameters (temperature, humidty) do influence to some extent sound quality as well as the power line (better at night!). Most important, taken for granted that the ears are well functioning as tranducers then, the brain, the mind and finally the soul are the very end users of a hi-fi system.

Erik Vermeulen's picture

I believe that when I'm very tired, I'm less able to enjoy listening.

MC's picture

Likely due to power quality, mood, and visual distractions while listening. Weirdly, my system sounds best late in the afternoon and after a good Italian red.

Roland L's picture

I believe my quality of perception varies more than the system. Can I pick all 1 to 4 please ?

JT's picture

The lesser the environmental noise, the better it sounds, and the more I want to crank it up!

djl's picture

I haven't noticed any significant changes. It seems to sound the same everyday. There's something to say for power filters & surge protectors that keeps the sound the same. Clean power = clean sound, not to mention consistent sound!

richard p's picture

I think you didn't have the right choice for me; it does not always sound exactly the same, but none of the four offerings offered fit. In any case, I like the sounds I get, regardless. I know they could be better, but at a cost I cannot bear at the moment.

T.J.'s picture

I tend to let my amps warm up for about 20 minutes before I even think about listen to my system. If I don't do this, then my system sounds kinda harsh and very bright almost unbearable. Maybe I need better amps.

Michael's picture

Even with an excellent power conditioner in place, the quality improves greatly late at night—typically after 10pm.