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Does a Processor Change the "Tube" Sound From A Tube Preamp

Ineed to know if adding a processor to a 2 channel system (with a tube preamp) takes away from the "tube" sound. I ask this because I am interested in adding a processor (McIntosh MAC 3) to my 2 channel system so I can have multiple speakers in the listening room to experiment with sound ambiance, etc but I am afraid that as the signal from the tube preamp passes through the processor something drastic will changes in the sound. So, will the processor (or more specifically if you happen to know) will this processor, actually change the tube sound characteristic?

This processor is actually not a true processor in that it does not have "fake" sounds like: Arena, Jazz Club, etc nor does it "decode" anything like DTS Neo etc. It has pro logic, 5 channel output, and provides good bass management.


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Re: Does a Processor Change the "Tube" Sound From A Tube Preamp

Definately!And this applies to transistor preamps as well,not just for tube ones.All components have a sonic signature and certain distortions.The more you have in a system,the more its sound will change.

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