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Does Classe have a reliability problem?

I have a good buddy who defers to me as his audio expert (um... yeah, *right*), and who has recently been bitten by the HT bug. We both use Linn speakers (those of you who cruise these forums will remember me as the Ninka-speaker-placement guy from a few weeks ago), and we both like their clean, snappy, detail-oriented sound.

My pal is leaning toward getting some second-hand gear made by Classe (his particular interest is in either an SSP 25 or an SSP 75, and a CAV 75 or CAV 150 for power), and he's asked me to vet the choice for him.

Since I don't know anything first-hand about Classe I took a cruise through the review literature and found unanimous approval of the sound (maybe just a tad more polite than Linn's house sound?), but there also seemed to be some indication that their stuff might be a tad 'buggy', which is a deal-breaker for my no-fuss-no-muss friend.

Anyone with classe SSP and CAV separates care to comment?

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