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Does anyone here own a HALO P3 Preamp?

I am still looking for a new preamp, and was wondering if anyone here owns, or has heard the Parasound Halo 3? Any input on it would be great as I'm seriously considering buying one.

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Re: Does anyone here own a HALO P3 Preamp?

I tried it out in my #2 system, with my HDTV etc., and it did not sound as good as the preamp section of my NAD 325BEE (which only cost $400), and returned it; not impressed at all.

Most really good-sounding preamps are going to cost over $2500 new.

The PS Audio Trio is one that is quite good for $995, however. If I had to buy new in that price range, it would most likely be my choice.

On the other hand...if I was going to buy a preamp in that price range, I probably would look around for a used Audio Research preamp. They are built like a tank and last forever, and you are in a much different league in the sound quality. I think you could probably find a used LS-2B for well under $1000, and that would be very nice.

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