Do you use your system for both two-channel and 5.1 or 7.1?

Do you use your system for both two-channel and 5.1 or 7.1?
I've only got a two-channel system
41% (155 votes)
I have one system that does both two- and multi-channel
49% (183 votes)
I have two systems: one for two-channel, one for multi-channel
10% (38 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 376

Multi-channel music releases may have slowed to a trickle, but with home theater still going strong, reader Greg Abarr is curious: "How many people use their systems for both two-channel and 5.1 or 7.1?"

Bob Loblaw's picture

Have a NAD/Rotel/Mirage stereo system in one room, and a 5.1 HK/Denon/Mirage system with 47" RP TV in the living room. While this system is regularly used for music, it's still always stereo.

Larry Hicks's picture

I listen mostly to classical music, and there are lots of multichannel discs. I love "good" multichannel. Listen to a disc that has PCM stereo and multichannel and there is no comparison.

Kris's picture

One of each. One upstairs, one downstairs.

Tobias K.'s picture

I hope for a multichannel music comeback

Andy O'Brien's picture

When I go to a nightclub the musicians play in front of me. Two-channel is the most natural way to experience the music.

ivind Stuan's picture

When listening to music I set the receiver to stereo-mode.

rvance's picture

I really love my vinyl and two-channel CD. My Marantz 7.1 receiver feeds four full range Wharfedale Pacific Evos and a huge Opus center. Two large subs handle 60Hz and below. No one who hears Linkin Park's Reanimation, Deep Purple's Machine Head, Steely Dan's Gaucho, Talking Heads' Speaking In Tongues, Beck's The Information, John McEuen and Jimmy Ibbotson's Nitty Gritty Surround, Seiji Ozawa's Bartok: Concerto For Orchestra, Haitink's Beethoven: The Pastorale, or any of the Mercury Living Presence analog mastered three-channel recordings thinks they sound "gimmicky." Not only are musical veils lifted, but blankets and drapes are removed. You not only hear things you've never heard before, but you hear them in foreign languages—and you understand the words. Sensation and vibration turn to lucidation. I can also hear the laughter and moans of two-channel purists. And then a child flew past me riding in a star. It's really quite satisfying.

MB's picture

I have a dedicated 7.1 theater, Kaleidescape whole house (5 zones music,3 zones movie) and a reference system/listening room in the master retreat.

Louis P.'s picture

As I have the dreaded "L"-shaped listening room, it was hard enough to get two-channels set up properly (Fine Tunes #5 was agreat help). There simply isn't any place to put a center channel or surrounds even if I was so inclined. But I am still from the five (or seven) average channels for the price of two really good ones.

Zoykey's picture

My system sounds great at two-channel, I do have a DVD, and a VHS going through my McIntosh. I feel no need for anything more.

Iqbal Mutafa's picture

Krell amplification with Focal Electra range speakers all round does it well. Audiophile quality in both two-channel and multichannel.

Bob D's picture

I've moved back to two-channel after having a 5.1 system.

John P's picture

My passion lies more in music. Movies sound just fine on my system and I would have to spend megabucks to match the sound quality in a full surround system.'s picture

Two ears, two channels. What?

Randall Smith's picture

I have a two-channel rig with Home Theater By-Pass, so they are together but seperate

Dave's picture

Two-channel in the living room and 5.1 downstairs in the "theater/rec room."

Wes's picture

I have a dedicated two-channel system and a 5.1 set-up that I use for for both home theater and music.

A.  Wolfgardt's picture

The best music is made in stereo (Elvis Presley, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk).

JanVanB's picture

Stereo is still allright with me.

djl's picture

I have a multichannel system in the living room and a two-channel system in my bedroom and office. The two-channel system is way better for music! There are no releases I care for that are multichannel, so why bother? Movies, are another story. The two-channel systems do that well too for small rooms!

Phil's picture

I prefer two-channel. So few multichannel disc are mixed properly that it just make listening to most of them annoying.

Adam Schmidt's picture

I have a two-in-one system. Stereo is a pair of Martin Logan Prodigies (built 2001) with a pair Bryston 7Bs that still impress me every day. Center is a Sonus Faber Cremona Center (new), and surrounds are a pair of Sonus Faber Electa (from 1993, my old stereo pair). I'm using a Denon 4308 for processing and as an amp for the center and surrounds. Also an old Velodyne 18" sub sits center rear. Sony SACD (analog outs), Denon DVD-3930 for DVD-A, SACD, and DVDs (via HDMI and DL III), a PS3 for BD, SACD, and DVDs. My CDs are stored on a Mac G4 with a MOTU 192 audio board, uncompressed. I'm very happy with my system and it's been a very good investment as I have not heard anything better in a long time. (PS the Denon 4308 replaced a bunch of Lexicon, and Sound Stream equipment with great results).

Jim C.'s picture

I never considered multichannel as audio for music listening. If I watch a movie, it's on a 27" Panasonic TV playing through a $60 Sony DVD player. HDTV is lost on me. I can find better ways to spend my money.

Noah Bickart's picture

Because my brain has only two inputs for audio.

Tom Caulfield's picture

I only listen to multichannel SACD.

Hamish's picture

Used to have the full surround with Sonus Faber speakers throughout (EA2s front, Concertinos rear, & Solo center). For all the fuss & clutter, it was a marginal improvement to my ear. Now back to two two-channel systems in two different rooms with the very nice center in the box in a cupboard. Maybe I'll try it again one day, but for the moment I'm more than happy with stereo.

emopork's picture

I've given up on surround.

Russell's picture

I keep HT and two-channel separate.

John Bacon-Shone's picture

Why would someone not want to take full advantage of the wonders of multichannel SACD?

Jerry Stachowski's picture

One system for two-channel and another for multichannel. The two-channel system is better, of course.