Do you use a power conditioner for your system?

Do you use a power conditioner for your system?
Yes, here it is:
53% (158 votes)
I'm planning to get one.
14% (40 votes)
Don't have one.
33% (98 votes)
Total votes: 296

Several companies are releasing new power-conditioner products these days, some with radically new technology. Are you using them?

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Monster MTS3500

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I use the Audio Prism Foundation III. There is no doubt it has opened my system up and lowered the noise floor. However, I find little or no improvement when connecting my ML332 amp.

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I'm sure the people at Tripplite thought I was seriously disturbed when I sent in my Warranty card for one of their Isolation-Regulators and went on and on about how much better my system sounded. Well, even if I am deluding myself, I no longer have to worry about lightning strikes eating my preamp again....but the little voices keep telling me that the system does sound better.

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Don't have a conditioner. I acutally enjoy the neurotic differences in sound due to line fluctuations. Gives me reason and purpose to fret and tinker. (Maybe need tube equipment would better fill that need?)

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I dont think it can help much

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A Vans Evers Super Companion. This page took forever to load. Too much advertising?

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Power conditioner? Funny, nobody told me when I bought my receiver that it wouldn't be any good without a power conditioner. In fact, I bought one that was praised in many reviews, and not a single one even mentioned a power conditioner. I think some of the comments in the last vote, about changing one thing about the high-end audio industry, were exactly on point. Constant upgrades will drive away everybody who notices the right side of the menu, as well as those who have more to do in life than check out the latest fad. Do people who buy power conditioners have time to listen to music?

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API Power Pack V

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I use Virtual Mode hand built conditioners. These are made to work with single components with results that sound outstanding . Does what they say it will with nothing added. Virtual Mode 1 Old Coram Rd. Shelton, CT 06484 203-929-0876 ask for Brad

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I have for years used industrial power conditioning products. I use them only because the power is unreliable in my area and I do not want damage to my equipment. I have found no improvement in sound quality. I find it interesting that a number of the components available from high end audio suppliers are simply repackaged industrial devices at a much higher price!!! Many aren't even close to the industrial products albiet much prettier at still higher prices!