Do you use a power conditioner for your system?

Do you use a power conditioner for your system?
Yes, here it is:
53% (158 votes)
I'm planning to get one.
14% (40 votes)
Don't have one.
33% (98 votes)
Total votes: 296

Several companies are releasing new power-conditioner products these days, some with radically new technology. Are you using them?

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I use the Van Evers Ref. 83, and the P.S. audio 300

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I demoed an Equi=Tech a few years ago and instantly ordered one. While waiting for my unit, I couldn't bear listening to what I previously thought was a great-sounding system. I subsequently had the unit modified, and now it's an indispensable part of my system. Without it, I would give up this hobby!

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If i own much more $$$ system i would probably own one. At this time i am spending money on, the higher quality, CD's.wich, i believe make more difference to the overall sound, than P.C.would./mimik, karik, tukan.

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I have the Monster Cable 3500 power conditioner/surge protector. it works great! I love it.

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I have a Panamax Max 500, but would like to upgrade.

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PS 300 Power Plant. I like what it does!

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chang lightspeed works well but not in high traffic...rfi-efi hours.

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I have the MIT Z-Center and everything hooked up with Z-Cord-11. This seems to work very well in dropping the noise floor substantially. However, the pritty little "blue" LED does introduce an audible buzz. I know this because the blue LED burned out and the buzz was gone. When I replaced the LED, the buzz came back. I do believe that a power conditioner is a very important and significant part of a system today, and even more so as we move forward with ever-increasing technological grunge.

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I use my homebrew isolation transformer + MOVs.

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Not planning to have one.

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Moved to hospital grade AC outlets and dedicated line, but will not invest in more. Poer conditioning is something that an amp. should do.

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api power wege 116

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it makes a difference,although not ahuge will attenuate odd harmonics increase just a touch, the second(that is if it is well constructed) and eliminate some RFI and MFI .you can eliminate the ground reference that will make the whole thing safer and less prone to ground loops induced wont work on your front end<

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I use old faithful: a 1985 Adcom ACE-515 power conditioner, never had a problem.

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$1500 power conditioners?!!!This is an absurd HOAX, on teh uninformed consumer.....Commercial power conditioners with specs, UL listings, high quality severve use components cost less than the hoaxes being sold from these scam artists. The MOST absurd is teh fraud by the company selling Hubbell wiring devices as some Audio Grade stuff, thre is no such NEMA designation, nor are wall outlets selling for almost $300 worth anything near that absuridy. Heavy duty triple wipe wiring devices, from Hubbell, Leviton, P&S are less tha $5 ea...of course it don't have Audio printed on it..nor is it blessed by some Audio Scam Artist...If you want to do your readers a real service, why not expose this nonsense for what it is, Fraud...don't perpetuate this nonsense. It's as Fraud ridden as overpriced cables and interconnects and $30 spade lugs.

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Monster HTS3000. Makes a huge difference in the noise floor. Live in an area with ridiculous EMI/RF interference. Made a huge difference in detail and soundstaging. A/B'd it several times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. Wow!

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Not sure about it's effect vs. investment.

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Chang and API, indispensable even in clean-power cities. Blacker background, resulting in many other benefits. Much more effective than exotic cables.

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Tice Solo AV. I have found that it quiets my entire system and provides a separation I didn't have before. I wish I'd bought one with a voltage meter built in . . .

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Adcom 515 Bought, do not have anything to compare with, but haven't had any interference!!! May need a few more inputs.

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First generation API Powerwedge 116. (The idea behind the new PS Audio line of Power Plants seems very logical and only slightly extravagant for worthy systems, but I've not yet heard them.)

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I use Tice Solo AVs. They are one of the cheapest around. High-end should not mean highest price!

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PS Audio P300 Power Plant for my front-end components. This has been the best "bang for the buck" improvement to my stereo system since my early days as an audiophile.

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I have been using various power-conditioning products for years. First there were the Adcom ACE-515 conditioners. They made a perceptible improvement in the soundstage and overall noise floor. Following the audiophile upgrade path, they were replaced by a Tice Power Block/Titan combination as soon as the budget allowed. Again an improvement, especially when I removed the amplifier from it and gave it a dedicated line of its own. Currently (no pun intended), I am running the front-end components through a PS Audio P300. The difference between it and what has preceded it has been greater than that which I experienced when I started using power conditioners in the first place. I look forward to the audio budget opening up to allow the purchase of the higher-power-handling P600 to run the amplifiers through. I do not live in an urban area, but power here in Florida can be spotty, especially in the summer. Having a device that regulates the power to my system has made as much, and in some cases more than as much, difference as the many front-end and amplification upgrades that have been the evolution of my system.

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Monster Power HTS3500

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I have several different kinds

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It is hard tocompare options and understand the best choices

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Not sure "Yes, here it is:" is the correct response because it is not new technology. Adcom ACE515

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I really can feel the improvement.