Do you use a power conditioner for your system?

Do you use a power conditioner for your system?
Yes, here it is:
53% (158 votes)
I'm planning to get one.
14% (40 votes)
Don't have one.
33% (98 votes)
Total votes: 296

Several companies are releasing new power-conditioner products these days, some with radically new technology. Are you using them?

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I already have 4 dedicated lines with hospital grade sockets. I will be adding power/line conditioners as soon as I can afford them.

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It really makes a difference. There is a "before and after." The sound is less agressive, more natural and real. (I'm using an NAD 314 with MIT Terminator interconnects.) I think it is impossible to reach the top without it. Fr

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Rotel RLC-900

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Taralabs ISM Shield power strip. One of the best RF/EMI removers I have used. This is not really designed to be a power Surge protector or spike protector like the Cinepro 20 which I have used in the past. But if you have front end with multiple regulation stages that need fast current on demand without the added toroidal slow down this may be the best solution for the cost.'s picture

Find it confusing, don't know what to buy.

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I use EMI/RFI Corcom filters and GE MOV surge suppressors on the AC line. So far the use of a full line conditioner or UPS package has not been required. The Corcom units come in a variety of ratings and filter characteristics that can suit the particular component. I found using one per AC plug worked best.

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What about the wiring behind the wall? What's the use fixing what is wrong before getting to your wall plug? Before getting any conditioner or monster mains cable, it is more advisable to call the electrician and have him check your wiring and connections. Better and cheaper!

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, but I don't know which model. Any ideas?

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I use an Adcom line conditioner. I may upgrade next year, will probably look at PS Audio.

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Tried many and none but the PS Audio made any difference

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Panamax 1000+ for the front end and a Brick Wall surge supressor/filter for the amp.'s picture

A great improvement RATA powercords based on Kimber

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Do they really show the difference?

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I think if you're going into the world of high fidelity, start from the beginning of the chain.

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Monster Power HTS2000

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I've used Tice conditioners for years in my high-end system, multiroom, and home theater. Power conditioners are among the best values in the industry. They can improve every component in your system, except some big amps. The only thing that's cheaper and as effective is speaker placement! Don't buy new cables or a new DAC until you've tried a couple of power conditioners.

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I have evaluated several 'well reviewed ' products. Do they work...well yes but at the expense of other key areas such as tonality. Better to buy better equipment first then go to a power conditioner, remember that a power conditioner won't fix any problems with the design or quality of your equipment.

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Made it myself from plans posted at Total cost @ $150-200. Total benefits: as good as units at $1000+. Basically you don't realize you might have a power problem until you try a conditioner.

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MIT Z-Center: definitely works in my home. I had tried the following, which either made zero difference or were very good with limitations: Chang in 1995, Bybee in 1997. I strongly believed that the MIT product made the sound better all around. I did try to buy an MIT Z-Center used, but when I brought it home, it didn't make a difference. (I told the owner to send it back to MIT to check it out, as I know for a fact that it does magic.) I ended up buying it from somebody else in the used marketplace. I also own the new Monster Power for my second system.

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I use two PS Audio Power Plant P300s, one of the best buys in audio!!!

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I have TVA to screw up my power. Why try to fix something they worked so hard to mess up?

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I have a Monster HTS 1000 Power Center, and it made a very significant improvement—more than I expected, because I didn't think I was in a particularly "dirty" power situation. You couldn't wrestle it away from me.

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Audio Power Power Pack

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I've used power conditioning for years, and recently upgraded. They make a huge difference and are well worth auditioning.

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Would not upgrading & grounding your home wiring be just as good as one of these conditioners?

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Ps Audio's P300

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I Use a Power Wedge 114 and a Power Pack II from Audio Power.

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audio is to high its only for the rich and theres no more fun

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Brick Wall Series Mode Surge Supprssors/Power Line Filters. You just can't do better for the money. These aren't gilded lilies. They're tools that perform.