Do you use a power conditioner for your system?

Do you use a power conditioner for your system?
Yes, here it is:
53% (158 votes)
I'm planning to get one.
14% (40 votes)
Don't have one.
33% (98 votes)
Total votes: 296

Several companies are releasing new power-conditioner products these days, some with radically new technology. Are you using them?

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If power supplies whould be well constructed electronics will work with real AC. Computer can do that and some audio gear (Linn, Jeff Rowland, Halcro etc.) are beyond a transformer and a cap.

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I have two PS Audio P300s and a Chang 9600.

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Dramatic improvement

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Monster HTS-2000

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I have the original Power Wedge Model 116.

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Two SEEC (Dutch) filers

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However, my Building has a small degree of power conditioning and my block has it's own power substation so my power is safe. I would use a conditioner if I felt I needed it.

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BLOCKERS electrical niose absorbers

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Blue Circle, excellant results

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If the conditioner is correctly designed for the power required, I think it would benefit the system.

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No matter how good a power conditioner is the gear is only as good as the power supply. The funniest thing to me is $500 power cables. Heard of an on-line UPS? How much do you really think a cable can do? I keep power to $80,000 RF Amplifiers clean with a UPS, If i reccommended a cable I'd be laughed out of a job.

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As soon as I find one that really makes a difference but does not cost as much as my Hybrid Integrated Amplipier.

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All though I don't know why other than it was suggested that it would make my system sound better. Have yet to hear the improvement. I guess that is what you get for trusting a salesman when you are new to the hobby.

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Currently, I used surge protectors, Adcom and TrippLite in series, for sensitive equipment—i.e., DACs, CD & DVD players, preamps, etc. For amps, only TrippLite surge protectors are employed. Planning to buy line conditioners (with regulators) to replace the Adcom unit, but will consider those designed for office computers first. Only if I can audition the audiophile grade at home and make a comparison will I sink a penny into acquiring them!

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Equi=Tech—the best on the market.

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Yes, I am planning to get one but would like to try and make sure it makes a real good difference worth the investment.

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I didn't consider it until PS Audio came out with their line—a new and interesting approach to the problem.

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Monster Cable 2000...long live Bob Harley!

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I use a PoweWedge and it helps, but the improvement is subtle. I'm skeptical that any new technology will improve upon what already exists to any siginificant degree. Slightly better than slight is nothing.

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I'm having one from MAGNET for my system but I'm still wondering if it is really necessary as my ears don't find any sound difference.

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Panamax, for condition and protection

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Power-line conditioning is not necessary. The only device I deem necessary is a "Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor."

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PS Audio PP300. I completely agree with Mr. Deutsch's review, but would like to add: the main power switch/IEC connection keeps falling out of the back and internal wires disconnecting. The transformers are the loudest things in the listening room—rivaling my refrigerator's compressor for annoyance. Way too loud for gear intended to "quiet background noise." I'd be willing to pay much much for for gear that makes no mechanical noise whatsoever. Doesn't anyone?

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I will be purchasing a pair of Foundation Research LC1s (mentioned in the October 1999 issue in coverage of the Montreal show) in a few days. These conditioners really have to be heard to be believed! My Chang ISO6400, though, is the very least I could get by on.

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Currently a Furman IT-1220 balance isolation transformer for everything in my system including amps. In the past I used a TrippLite Ultra for digital components and a Panamax 1000+ for everything else except amps. I wasn't aware of any AC problems before the IT-1220 but now the sound seems to be more detailed. Now that I'm use to hearing my system with the balanced power conditioner, I wonder if I'd miss it badly if I took it out of the system. I have not taken it out yet so I don't know.