Do you use a power conditioner for your system?

Do you use a power conditioner for your system?
Yes, here it is:
53% (158 votes)
I'm planning to get one.
14% (40 votes)
Don't have one.
33% (98 votes)
Total votes: 296

Several companies are releasing new power-conditioner products these days, some with radically new technology. Are you using them?

Boris Afanasiev's picture

Tice Power Block 3A. Thinking to add PS Power Plant 300.

Chris S.'s picture

As a Network Administrator I the difference clean, stable power can make to our computers. I can only imagine the affect it would have on my Stereo.

mchildress's picture

powere conditioners are currently too costly!

Ma's picture

I'm using a Furman Power Conditioner, which provides "Balanced Power." It works great for cleaning up the picture from my Sony DSS receiver, and any grainy sound from my PS Audio Reference Link LS.

C.Bakri's picture

Not necessary.

Mangoman's picture

Monster power HTS3500. Got it for $250 in Miami. The dealer gave me a 30-day trial—a smart move on his part. I guess he knew I would never be able to remove it from my system. How could anyone intentionally do something to make their system sound worse?

John Lum's picture

1) MIT Z-Center. 2) Vans Evers Reference 85. 3) TARA Labs ISM Power Screen. Power-line conditioners, dollar for dollar, will effect greater sonic changes than, say, interconnects.

Rob Bertrando's picture

Audioprism Foundation I

Charles Martyn's picture

Most of this technology is Bogus. The stuff that isn't is so expensive I can make other more cost effective changes.

Anonymous's picture

We just use APS surge protectors.

tony esporma's picture

I have dedicated power lines for my audio and video system. Not exactly cheap, but power conditioning is just a cure for the symptom. It's best to avoid the disease to begin with.

Dan C's picture

Chang Lightspeed 6400.

Mannie Smith's picture

Monster HTS 2000 - works great!

Mike J.'s picture

What I use isn't a power conditioner. It's the PS Audio Power Plant. This thing is to ordinary power conditioners not what a Ferrari is to Honda, but rather, what a Lear Jet is to an ox pulling a wagon. I've been an "audiophile" for going on 25 years, and I've bought something like 80 components in my life. This is the single best audio product I've ever bought. It's the only one I would never replace or do without in my system. It has a transformative effect on CD replay: I now only seldomly use my much-more-expensive vinyl setup. If it isn't clear yet, I absolutely love this thing. My Chang Lightspeed is now serving duty as a power strip for my computer!

KRB's picture

I use a Chang LightSpeed. Works great in my system (which means there's a lot of garbage on my electrical lines.)

CSO's picture

The new PS audio products are appealing.

Woody Battle's picture

I have a power conditioner made by Fadel Arts Products (FAP). I never would have believed that it was worth the money if my local dealer had not let me take it home and try it out. Once I tried it, the improvement in my system was so great that I could not give it back. I had to buy it immediately.

Warren Osten's picture

As I am from Australia, there are very few power conditioners available. I currently use a Panamax Protector, but am not happy with the effect it has on the sound. It has a noticeable effect on soundstaging and imaging. Every dealer I have spoken to except two say not to use surge protectors or power conditioners, as they greatly restrict current and have major effects on sound. One dealer even said that they have tested the $70,000 conditioners and protectors that hospitals use, and they still have a negative effect on the sound. I am currently getting two separate audio circuits set up at home, so I do not have to use any protectors/conditioners.

Eric Jansen's picture

I don't know that what I have is "radical" technology, but I am rumming a Panamax. on't know the model. I have never ran my gear without at least a surge suppressor.

Erik Leideman's picture

After hearing the big difference I get with different power cords, I realize it is time for me to get a power conditioner.

Steve D.'s picture

I use high quality power cords instead and have dedicated power lines to my audio gear.

bevo's picture

i use tripp lite, not an audiophile brand, but i feel it gets the job done

Harvey B's picture

It will probably be the last piece of equipment I purchase. Right now I'm getting the rest of my system to the point where I'm happy. It cross my mind that I should have one but I'm now saving up for a VPI record cleaning machine. Having clean records seems more important.

Tom marxmiller's picture

plan to add dedicated circuit for pre-amp (mcintosh c28) and 2nd split phase for monoblocks (modified techron industrial amps)

Dan Landen's picture

Monster Power HTS-800. It's not much but it does a good job and it's got a lifetime warranty. Can't beat that!'s picture

I'd get a PS Audio Power Plant today if they had a bypass switch to let the equipment idle at night without drawing twice the needed power. I'm waiting for somebody to come up with such product.

Damir Andrasek's picture

Power-conditioner is the best way to upgrade your Hi-Fi.

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Do better song

Ben Blish's picture

I use a Unison MPS 1200. This is a 100% online 1200W sinewave UPS. That means it makes its output 120V AC from a DC supply derived from the AC line, or, if that fails, from the batteries. It never—in any form—passes the AC line voltage along to the stereo gear, and so I have 100% pure AC all the time going to my precious classic Marantz gear. It also never has to switch from one source to another; because it makes AC from DC, it doesn't switch from the AC line to internally generated AC when the power dies. The result is that absolutely no glitches of any kind make it to my gear. Ahhh. :-)

A.  Moraitis's picture

Yes, I am using some power filtering and an isolation transformer from Trichord Research.