Do you use dedicated headphone amplification?

Do you use dedicated headphone amplification?
Yes, I use . . .
55% (87 votes)
No, I plug them straight into the headphone jack on my audio system or portable
45% (70 votes)
Total votes: 157

Judging from the response to last week's poll, <I>Stereophile</I> readers love headphones. Do you use dedicated headphone amplification?

Kevin Hoskins's picture

One of my own design that combines National Semiconductor's LM4562 with a high speed buffer.

Tim Bailey's picture

A Headroom Traveller pack of 1998 vintage with the Class-A amp and the big 4 x D cell red box. I have a wall-wart "tweaked" for home use. ERs4s and Sennheiser TV 40s.

John's picture

A Rega headphone amp. I am in the market for a warmer and more detailed amp.

Richard L from Joshua Tree, CA's picture

I use a HeadRoom Total Airhead to pump a set of Shure E2G IEMs. My source is a 4GB flash iAudio U3, which lets me source Ogg and FLAC files. This forms a killer portable system that rides on my upper arm while I hike in my local national park.

Juan Hitters's picture

Musical Fidelity X Can V3

MJP's picture

Grado RA-1

JEAN's picture

I use an old Stax SR 60 but the box between amp and phones needs repair, it doesn't like high levels.

Jorge Ramirez's picture

I have a Sennheiser HD600 model and Creek OBH21-SE headphone amp, the sound is really great, my Pathos Classic One mkii amp runs with out headphone jack.

Fernando Goñi's picture

Emmeline The Hornet

Paul Basinski's picture

Musical Fidelity Xcan V 3. With the right 'phones, it slays anything through my speakers.

Charlie be Wise's picture

Well, I dedicated my Dynaco Stereo 35, with one 100 ohm half watt resistor in series with each channel signal into a junction box for my Sennheiser DH-600. Works fine!

Taosman's picture

Dedicated 'phone system.

Eric's picture

I have a Headamp Gilmore Lite with Dedicated power supply.

David Nighorn's picture

Singlepower MPX3

Richtan's picture

For the casual listener, a plug in headphone jack suffices. For the serious headphone enthusiast, dedicated headphone amplification is the way to go. Having said that, headphones or in-the-ear phones gives what is commonly known as "binaural" sound and not exactly stereo sound. Sound appears to come from the center of the head between both left and right ears of the listener. Whether one likes it or not is a matter of choice and preference.

S.  Chapman's picture

The only place I normally listen to headphones is at the office, and there I sometimes use my Grado headphone amp.

Craig's picture

I used to listen to my over-the-ear headphones often when I plugged them into the Sony STR-V55 receiver I used to use. It must have had pretty decent amplification to the headphone jack as the sound was very good. Then I replaced the Sony receiver with a Yamaha separate preamp and amp. The sound that comes out of the phone jack on the Yamaha preamp is not nearly as good as it was from the Sony receiver. I need to purchase a decent dedicated headphone amp but just have never gotten around to doing that. Where I live there are not a lot of places where you can actually listen to and purchase them and ordering direct from a manufacture kind of concerns if the purchase does not work out.

Greg L.  Mahoney's picture

I use a HeadRoom portable amp with the case designed for my 80GB iPod—all songs in Apple Lossless Processing.

TonyGradoE.'s picture

I use a Grado battery powered amp for my Grado 325is so I can listen to the 24/96 WAV LP recordings made with a Grado Statement cartridge.

Mike's picture

Benchmark DAC1 and Sennheiser HD600.

Nevin Baker's picture

Pro-ject Head Box SE

Alec's picture

Melos SHA-Gold!

HS's picture

Melos SHA-1. Nothing wrong with an old, reliable friend.

Mark L.  from Summit's picture

Musical Fidelity XCan V3

rich lamb's picture

Blockhead HeadRoom

Shayne Stockman's picture

I use a Creek OBH-21 with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-931s for my late-night musical cravings.

Derek Rumble's picture

Musical Fidelity X-canV3. Clean, spacious, excellent.

Jules Hezemans, Netherlands's picture

I use an amp that Ah! (the firm that made a popular modded Marantz CD-player) made for a short time. It works just fine with my Sennheiser HD590. It has a tape loop, which makes it easy to install between my md-deck and "big amp."

Dept_of_Alchemy's picture

DHT headphone amp.

Jaimie Mendoza, Pacoima, CA's picture

My iPod does just fine.