Do you subscribe to Stereophile?

We'd like to know how many of you who visit this website also subscribe to <I>Stereophile</I> magazine.

Do you subscribe to <I>Stereophile</I>?
Have subscribed for years
69% (153 votes)
Have subscribed in the last year
11% (25 votes)
Stopped subscribing years ago
6% (13 votes)
Just stopped subscribing this past year
7% (15 votes)
Have never subscribed
7% (16 votes)
Planning to subscribe soon
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 223

Steve Armand's picture

At about a buck an issue, I continue to be astonished by the quality of the magazine. I'll keep extending my subscription as far into the future as allowed. Once a month, I get to plop down in front of the stereo with a new recording, a new magazine, and a snifter of cognac. It's the finest evening of the month. What a great time to be an audiophile.

Mike's picture

Still one of the most worthwhile reads at the newstand.

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Heshie, Virginia's picture

Been a subsciber for many years. While scanning the Stereophile website is convenient, I still prefer the hard copy magazine.

audio-sleuth's picture

Yes, i've been a user/subscriber for years, but I can quit anytime I want! I just don't want to. Yeah, that's it. I can control this. Reallllly.

Mitch Gurowitz's picture

I would like to re-subscribe, but last time it was disasterous, I was sent several issues that I already had (3 in one week) and they gave me a hard time about getting credited for these.

Willis Greenstreet's picture

i have never written a letter to the editor and canceling my sub over a perceived slight!

Philip Spazzapan's picture

Great rag for both music and equipment reviews. Also standard of writing is very good (thank you Bolin, Fremer, Dudley, Conrad, Seydor...oops wrong mag! et al) It's what sets US high-end mags apart. Over recent times, some reviews have tended towards "this is the best amp/speakers/turntable/tonearm etc, I ve heard" which is a bit of a concern. Love to see more articles like the one of Roy Du Nann. Also on systems owned by reviewers and other audiophiles. How 'bout an article on someone's LP collection / or on some ebay sellers who auction rare and interesting LPs (eg prisitine Blue Notes).

BB's picture

Subscribed for a few years. Didn't recieve about half of the last year's issues. When I realized I wasn't missing anything, I didn't renew.

Travis Klersy's picture

Art Dudley and Analog Corner are what keep me subscribing. Not that I don't enjoy the other writers and topics, but those are the two that get me to subscribe instead of just skimming the issues at the bookstore.

Sven Felsby's picture

Subscription is not expensive. But that will mean that Hifi-News will have to go, as I haven

Stephen Curling's picture

I've been a reader for years and welcomed the idea of the website.

Jim G's picture

Yes, I've subcribed for many, many years now. But lately, I've been asking myself WHY?

Graeme Nattress's picture

Subscribing is great and affordable, but why is the renewal price so much more than the new subscription price? I didn't renew for over a year because of that.

jose gomez's picture

Years ago, I received a flier from a magazine telling me that they will change the way I see and listen to stereo components. I said to myself. "these people think I'm a fool," so I tore it into pieces. Later on, I recieved the same flier, but this time I took a chance and suscribed to that magazine. That magazine is Stereophile and indeed it changed the way iI see and listen to stereo components . Now I enjoy music more than ever. Thank you, Stereophile.

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Anonymous's picture

I buy it at the newstand so someone can make a living out of it.I've done it for the last ten years for all the publications i read.

macksman's picture

I read it when I knew nothing about equipment. I quit because the audio press is all too improperly interconnected with the big players in the audio industry. Everybody knows websites are unreliable, right? But it's just too sad to think people actually believe what they read in a magazine that writes obscurely about the esoteric subject that pays the mag's bills.

Mike Agee's picture

I am always happy to receive Stereophile every month. It and the audio hobby are among the best antidotes to the world I have. Not that I want to hide in audio, the occasional political commments from the reviewers in Stereophile have been antidotes, too.

vinyl1's picture

I subscribe. This is not necessarily good news. Nearly every audio mag I've subscibed to has gone out of business.

scott higgins's picture

too much hype!

John Connolly's picture

Art Dudley is the best.

Bob S.'s picture

Plus I get the digital version, too!

James M.  Herr's picture

Thoughtfully presented with quality writers, which makes it a bargain.

Donald NUnez's picture

Love it! Gotta have it!

Forrest Drennen's picture

i used to read issues in Borders book store at WTC in New York before or after work with a cup of coffee. Alas those days are over. I sometimes pick up a copy at a newstand, although not every issue.

Anonymous's picture

Since around 1996 or so.

Steve Graham's picture

I take great pleasure when my Stereophile arrives on the same day as a Victoria's Secret catalog and I can say to my wife, "High end and tight end".

dBruce's picture

Subscribed for years, but doing home repairs just to get to an air tight dry listening room. So only skim over magazine right now. Will read when able to sit down and relax.

Robin Banks's picture

I stopped subscribing years ago. I now only buy the April and October issues from the newstand.