Do you still use a cassette deck?

Do you still use a cassette deck?
All the time
7% (24 votes)
23% (82 votes)
29% (103 votes)
Don't even have one, but do have some tapes
16% (59 votes)
Don't have one and don't have any tapes
25% (91 votes)
Total votes: 359

In his <A HREF="">blog</A>, Stephen Mejias reports on the resurgence in cassette-only releases and is now looking for a good deck. Do you still use a cassette deck?

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What's the point? Why not go back to caves or use steam power again?

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A dreadful format! It is understandable that people want vinyl kept alive, but the cassette... Oh dear!

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Been there, done that. Got the t-shirt AND the hat.

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Don't miss cassettes.

djbacon's picture

I do. I have Marantz cassette deck and Philips DCC deck.
Still recording both cassette formats and keep listening.
Do not know why, but i still like to ???? (don't know word in english, sorry) with any kind of cassettes.
Definately would like to try elcaset.

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Hi all - it is bizarre to read comments that disparage cassette as a medium for listening to music when quite clearly the vast majority of people who are leaving comments have absolutely no experience of just what cassette is truly capable of providing. Having owned Tandberg 3014A, Revox and top Nakamichi's (ZXL 1000) over the years I too was somewhat disappointed with the overall sound quality on pre-recorded cassette when compared to either vinyl, (Koetsu Urushi, Sumiko MDC800, Micro Seiki 5000) or Open Reel - Revox B77. However, when in the mid 90's I eventually succumbed to the purchase of my first Nakamichi Dragon and had it fully serviced and aligned I was utterly blown away, the automatic and continuous azimuth makes sure that all the high frequencies of the original are replayed properly, no matter the orientation of the head of the commercial or private deck used to make the recordings in the first place. Fabulous - no other word, just fabulous. I then bought hundreds of pre-recorded tapes and have had audio nirvana for over 2 decades. I've owned a few Dragons now - always have them professionally serviced and they knock every other deck into a cocked hat. In direct A to B with every other deck there is really no comparison - even the CR7E (or A) which I have owned is next to useless when replaying pre-recorded tapes as the cassette shell or the tape can affect the recorded azimuth all the way through the recording and even though it has an azimuth on the remote control it is an utter pain to be lost in the music and to then hear 'dead' patches where the sound becomes muffled. With the Dragon, the whole tape is just magical transparency, no dolby needed - you are taken away and lost within the music.  Heresy I know but I would say that the Dragon is capable of rivalling the very finest of turntables. Well, there s my two penneth after listening to cassette, good and bad since an Akai 570D II in the mid 1970's and an original nakamichi 1000 and Tandberg TCD 330 - then onward and upward.

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Yes, I do have several good cassette desks Sony (TC-K909ES, TC-K777, TC-D5ProII), Pioneer (CT-F1000) and hundreds of origina tapes. Listening to old tapes is amazing with analogue sound comparing with new CDs.