Do you often get up and move to the music when your audio system is playing?

Do you often get up and move to the music when your audio system is playing?
All the time
18% (20 votes)
41% (45 votes)
22% (24 votes)
16% (18 votes)
I'm an international air guitar champ!
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 110

The classic audiophile "pose" is sitting still in a chair, probably with eyes shut, and perhaps a toe tapping. But some music demands that you leave your seat and dance. Do you often get up and move when your audio system is playing?

Carter's picture

If the music doesn't move you to dance every so often, you are probably not listening to the right music.

macksman's picture

Often, yes. But I never kid myself that it's a pretty sight. Likely it would yield from an observer a shudder like the one Ray Wiley Hubbard uses on "Snake Farm."

Dave now in Vancouver's picture

Not dance per se, but stage act with the air guitar to the music of the Beast: King Crimson!

Xenophanes's picture

Air conducting sometimes, dancing occasionally.

hifiBuster's picture

Especially if a hot chick is in the room;>)

Jim G.'s picture

My wife loves to dance!

erick wilson's picture

As i get older, I listen less to what moves me on the outside and more to what moves me on the inside. Plus, with the kids around I only get to listen later at night at low volumes.

Noah Bickart's picture

Especially when wearing headphones.

Chris Kenney's picture

I listen to mostly classical and jazz which do not endear themselves to dancing, but depending on the time of day, my mood, energy level, etc., a certain pop, rock or country tune can get me to move in some form or fashion.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Since I retired the system is on 8–10 hours a day. I read and live as I listen. Each day there are at least two hours of just me and the music>

JR's picture

Sit still, dark room, eyes closed. If everything is just right, I will fall into a musical trance. That is the nirvana that I seek from this hobby.

JG Louisville KY's picture

Who just sits and listens? Lame.

Jay Lesarge's picture

Usually when I'm listening to some of my electronic selections.

Al Earz's picture

I find that I play my best air guitar, drums, trumpet, bass, you name it, sitting down. If I stand I lose my concentration and I so need to sound exactly like the recording. I guess I am just a perfectionist!