Do you make recordings? What technology do you use?

Do you make recordings? What technology do you use?
Yes, CD recorder in system
3% (6 votes)
Yes, CD recorder in computer
12% (22 votes)
Yes, cassette deck
36% (68 votes)
Yes, open-reel tape recorder
2% (4 votes)
Yes, digital download to computer
2% (3 votes)
Yes, DAT recorder
9% (16 votes)
Yes, MiniDisc recorder
13% (25 votes)
Yes, professional recorder
3% (6 votes)
No, no need to record
19% (35 votes)
Sometimes, use my friends' stuff
2% (3 votes)
Total votes: 188

Copyright issues are a hot item these days, with digital recorders and MP3 files dominating the news. But are audiophiles affected by such things?

Manuel C.  Ceja's picture

I have Sony's MDS-JB920 MD player. It is great. It has more features than I could possibly ask for and I got it at a very reasonable price.

Tom Gibson's picture

I tried for over five years to make decent-sounding compilations of my CDs using a Nakimichi CR-7 tape deck, and I finally gave up. I'm now using a Philips CDR870, and it is far and away better than the Nak. On my system I can't tell the differance between the copy and the original, provided I record the digital input. Recording the analog input is not as good, but still better than a tape deck.

Oliver Pierce Smith's picture

This is probably blasphemy, but I use a MiniDisc deck to record my vinyl for portability.

Mark Miller's picture

In the past I have lugged my Nak 700 to various venues and recorded live when that sort of thing was allowed, usually at audio club meetings. In all honesty, it sounded as good as recordings of the same events made on both DAT machines and open-reel decks.

Chris Mini's picture

Only make tapes for my car.

D.  Cline's picture

With no car at the moment, my need for recording from pre-recorded material is zero. I guess when I get back to a car, a CD recorder will be called for. I used to do a fair bit of live chamber-music recordings on my ReVox, but even it is somewhere in storage, as CDs have taken over. If Stephen Terry from last week's survey happens to read this, I would sure be interested to know where one can get a copy of the computer-based CD file system he called Diskplay.

Steve Cook's picture

I do download digital music files---but I also use a CD burner on occasion, a cassette deck, and "use my friends' stuff." I wish you had provided a way of checking more than just one option.

Rob Bertrando's picture

Actually, three DAT recorders!

Ronald Wilson's picture

Excellent editing features

Stevie's picture

The sound quality of the copy is not as good as the orginal's.

steve chamberlain's picture

for sequences as well as guitar, bass, chanter and drum machines

Stephen Curling ('s picture

anaog tape is a poor meduim but it's cheap and relativity easyto make good recordings if done right.