Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?
Yes quite a bit
14% (91 votes)
Yes some
16% (104 votes)
Yes, but rarely
22% (143 votes)
49% (327 votes)
Total votes: 665

Time to bust or confirm an audiophile stereotype: David Chesky is wondering if you ever listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Julius's picture

I listen to quite a bit of rap music. It started as a hobby for my car, now that I'm older, for my house. All made possible by JL Audio and Polk.

Mario Diaz's picture

I can't stand lyrics who try to convince young people to go out and shoot police officers.

danno's picture

I only listen to true art.

Neil's picture

I consider myself an audiophile and I do listen to quite a bit of hip hip, mostly old-school.

Anonymous's picture

There are 'audiophile' friendly Rap Albums, that are just good to boot. - Aesop Rock's None Shall Pass; The Roots (most of their albums); Buck 65's Talkin' Honky Blues, Secret House Against the World, and Situation are all well-produced and fairly well recorded. There are many others as well, but those are discs and artists that are more on the intellectual side of rap, providing a feast for the ears and the mind.

satish's picture

not on my 2 channel system !

WSE3's picture

But I do not think of myself as an audiophile either, though my system probably qualifies as decent to good.

Chris Kenney's picture

Isn't "rap or hip-hop music" a borderline oxymoron?

Gary Thomas's picture

Rap and hip-hop are just noise, technically, literally, and figuratively—and pretty ingratiating noise at that!

T.J.'s picture

That's why I dont have a tuner incorporated into my system to—stop the violence that would happen to my speakers and ears.

Lewis Samuel's picture

I listen to loads of hip-hop, jazz, trip hop, soul, and rock. The old system is getting on, though. Linn Mimik, Kolector, 2xLK100 (bi amped) feeding Linn Keilidhs.

Gus Kund's picture

Calling Rap Music "Music" is like calling piss in a bottle art. The "Musicphile" knows better ! The denigration of the quality of music over the past 30 yrs is staggering. I blame the schools for dropping music appreciation classes, and the radio stations for promoting this crap. Yes, Music really was better back in the day when you had to know how to sing and not use pitch correction to fix everything. And the overly use of compression to sound louder then everyone else makes you want to junk your hi end rig. And the really sad part about it is that the younger generation does not care about sound quality. The dumbing down of top 40 music along with the "looks matter more then sound" attitude as brought the fine art of making music almost extinct.

Kenwatch's picture

It steps on my nerves. I usually listen to all kinds of styles but these two I could not accept them. They are just simple crap. The lack of new styles in the last couple of years extended the life of these two styles. I regret that I have to say it: no major progress in music since 1990.

John h's picture

I like all types of music and although i do not enjoy the soulja boy rap,i love to listen to dr dre, em, snoop and even new artists like young jeezy

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Hip hope comes to life on vinyl. This could be because it is born from vinyl culture so naturally it would circle back around.

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Really, it should be called CRAP not RAP.....

Mike's picture

Wu-Tang, The RZA, Joaquin Phoenix