Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Do you listen to rap or hip-hop music?
Yes quite a bit
14% (91 votes)
Yes some
16% (104 votes)
Yes, but rarely
22% (143 votes)
49% (327 votes)
Total votes: 665

Time to bust or confirm an audiophile stereotype: David Chesky is wondering if you ever listen to rap or hip-hop music?

Suen's picture

The jazzy ones, Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Digable Planets—real instruments!

JB's picture

One of my favorite bands is The Roots.

Mark L.'s picture

I do not own any rap except some lo-rez oldies (Shaggy, Will Smith, Run DMC, Dr. Dre/Snoop and of course, Sir mixalot) that friends have given me over the years. Ther is nothing wrong with the genre; it is just not my type of music. East coast in the house!

Jester's picture

Don't be a music snob you audiophile elitists. People certainly have their likes and dislikes as far as music tastes go, and that is simply dandy. However, this fact doesn't bar certain types of music, namely rap in this instance, from being recorded, produced, and engineered in a manner that would make you audiophiles drool. Fidelity isn't genre specific, it is artist specific. Don't stereotype rap by what you may happen to hear on a lousy radio station. Dig deeper and you may be pleasantly surprised by what other genres have to offer besides the typical audiophile favoritesjazz and classical.

Jez Alison's picture

Rap or Hip Hop has never been placed upon my turntable.I listen more by accident on the radio and if I like it I will finish it out.

branislav's picture

Rap between '88 and about 2000.

JKH's picture

A music genre that cannot die fast enough! We burned disco records, didn't we?

HiFi Jim's picture

Never! Isn't it bad for your speakers—or just my ears?

Jon Banz's picture

I grew up during the dawn of hip-hop's crossover to the mainstream. However, after high school, left to my own devices, I lost touch with the genre for a long time. After being into hi-fi for a few years, I started buying the one or two big hip-hop albums of the year. You know? I'm just not into it. These days it shows up in some of th electronic music I listen to, but that's about it.

Jonathan T.'s picture

For me, the music itself has always been paramount; reproducing it in the most real way possible is secondary, though still important&151;why else would I be writing this, here?. As such my music listening is not limited to music that is recorded especially for audiophiles/natural sound reproduction. Nor am I old enough to yearn for a rock n' roll past that is long gone, though its treasures remain. And so, yes, I do find joy in the urban sound and qualities that rap and hip-hop, and the like, capture; a rythm, a beat, a perspective = music.

daryl's picture

I have to admit that I enjoy Kanye West sometimes. This listening is in the car when I am driving, never a sit-down session in the audio room.

Steven's picture

There are some very good poets in that style of music that I enjoy!

Dave's picture

When my grand daughters insist.

Mike Malone's picture

Very rarely listen to it. I almost have to accidently bump into it. Rap doesn't do it for me—The Last Poets beat them all to the punch and I think did it better than most. Although I have enjoyed some of the hip-hop I've heard I wouldn't buy it.

Steve R's picture

I don't get any enjoyment out of listening to that music.

Tom's picture

Rap and hip-hop have been around for a long time. To me there is no real music content. It is all about the verbal content and the projected attitude. I am curious: Does anyone listen to rap that was done 20 years ago? I believe the answer is no, which is not the case for other types of music.

BILL CRANE's picture

Stuff involving non-singing, sourced from distortion, riddled with clichés, lyrics, dances and rhythms can sanely be avoided. I do not understand its popularity or giving them Grammys, except from a profits perspective. Crap-hop has taken vapidity to another level, below that of fashion. BTY, I have never heard it at CES or THE SHOW.

Jim Heise's picture

No interest in bad poetry with a boring beat.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

There are some rappers that have something to say, eg, Public Enemy. Almost all of the others are just making noise.

G.  A.'s picture

No, but do listen to electronic and ambient music though.

Jesse Stewart's picture

Only by accident!

Al Marcy's picture

Only Robert Zimmerman, of the Hibbing Street Steppers.

Mike C-I's picture

Can't get enough of the new Q-Tip album.

Mark G.'s picture

No, no, no. And no disco or country either.

Matt's picture

Is there any other genre of music right now where so much creativity and innovation are on display in the most commercial end of the market?

Rick Paul's picture

I listen to almost all kinds of music, except polka and rap.

Tom's picture

Don't even consider it music! I acknowledge it to be a series of sounds that some might find to be entertaining. Not me.

Mike Baskett's picture

I simply prefer listening to melodic music.

Jeff Dyer's picture

Tried hip-hop once, very boring!

Tim Rhudy's picture

Only when I'm in my son's car.